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WeinCell MRB675 (PX625) 1.35V Zinc, Mercury Replacement Battery

WeinCell MRB675 (PX625) 1.35V Zinc, Mercury Replacement Battery

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WeinCELL is a revolutionary new custom zinc/air battery designed to replace environmentally-unfriendly mercury batteries. Alkaline replacements do not do the trick. Only WeinCELLs deliver exact voltage and stable output consistent with mercury batteries. Not to be confused with the hearing aid batteries that only last 1 month, the WeinCELL batteries last 1 year in the camera with regular use. Compatible with any camera or meter specifying the respective mercury battery The voltage output is more stable than alkaline replacements, meaning a more accurate light meter reading than an alkaline or silver oxide replacement. No camera/meter adjustment or adapter is required.

This MRB675 replaces a PX675 battery

Compatible cameras include:

  • Minolta Hi-matic
  • Vivitar 35EF
  • Ricoh Hi Color 35/35s
  • Minox B/BL
  • Olympus Pen D3

and many more!

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