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Streetcandy MTN100 | 35mm Film | ISO 100 | 36exp

Streetcandy MTN100 | 35mm Film | ISO 100 | 36exp

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Taken from a Motion Picture Film, MTN100 will take your black & white still photography to the next level with a classic cinematic look and fine details.

MTN100 is a panchromatic film for both outdoor and indoor photography. It can be processed as a normal black & white film negative OR with a reversal kit to produce direct positives.


  • CINEMATIC FILM: With Black & White motion film printed in its DNA, create timeless images on MTN100 with a classic film feel. 
  • 100 ISO:  MTN100 will reveal its full potential in well lit environments. If you need an extra kick of light, push it up to +2 stops
  • SHARP & FINE GRAIN: The grain is so fine and the details so sharp that you could cut yourself with those negatives! 
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Recycled film canister & containers!



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