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Cinestill 800T | 120 Film | Single Roll

Cinestill 800T | 120 Film | Single Roll

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Get the Cinematic Look with Repurposed Motion Picture Film!

CineStill 800T 120 is a game-changing colour film that brings the unparalleled quality of motion picture technology to still photographers. With its ISO 800 speed and tungsten balance, this flexible film is perfect for low-light situations, producing a variety of looks with incredible accuracy and detail.

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CineStill 800T's Key Benefits

  • Fine grain with rich tonal range and excellent contrast
  • Amazing sharpness and vivid colour saturation
  • True-to-life colour rendition, even in difficult lighting
  • Designed for difficult low light tungsten situations, but can be used in any lighting condition
  • Longer shelf life with less noticeable artifacts after expiration
  • Potential for halation in in-focus, overexposed highlights is a unique characteristic of this film

1 x Medium Format 120 Film Roll Per Purchase

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