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Cinestill 50D | 35mm Film

Cinestill 50D | 35mm Film

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Get the cinematic look with CineStill 50D - Based on the original Vision3 50D emulsion!

CineStill 50D is a highly versatile colour negative film that delivers soft, natural colours with a wide dynamic range from ISO 12-100. If you expose at a lower ISO, you will get warmer images with greater halation in the highlights. The new and improved manufacturing process now extends the shelf life of 50D, with less noticeable artefacts after expiration of the film.

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CineStill 50D Key Benefits:

  • Speed/Emulsion: EI 50/18° speed, daylight balanced (5500K) colour negative motion picture film

  • Processing: Suitable for standard photo lab processing C-41 development at home; can be processed in Cs2 chemistry for low-contrast motion picture negatives

  • Ideal Conditions: Best for shooting in bright light at wide apertures

  • Image Quality: High-resolution, low-grain images

  • Exposure Latitude: Exceptional latitude; can be rated anywhere between ISO 12-100 without push processing

  • Grain: Virtually no grain, but colour, contrast, shadow detail, and highlight rendering influenced by chosen ISO

  • ISO Effects: Lower ISO results in warmer images with greater halation in highlights

  • Shelf Life: Improved manufacturing process extends the shelf life, with less noticeable artefacts after expiration

  • Workflow Compatibility: Optimised for a hybrid workflow, ideal for scanning; produces a complimentary contrast curve for optical printing on RA-4 paper when processed in C-41 chemistry
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