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CineStill 400D | 35mm Film

CineStill 400D | 35mm Film

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Get the cinematic look with CineStill 400D - a repurposed motion picture 35mm film!

CineStill 400D is a highly versatile colour negative film that delivers soft, natural colours with a wide dynamic range from ISO 200 to 800, and up to 3200 when pushed. The anti-static lubricant coating on CineStill 400D makes it suitable for use with manual SLRs and automatic winding cameras.

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CineStill 400D Key Benefits:

  • Amazing sharpness for crisp, clear images
  • This film has vivid and lifelike colour saturation
  • Highly versatile, making it ideal for use indoors, in the studio, and under virtually any lighting conditions.
  • Halation can occur in in-focus, overexposed highlights
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