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Lomography Analogue Trio Mixed Film Pack 35mm

Lomography Analogue Trio Mixed Film Pack 35mm

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The Terrific Trio

LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 Formula
The colour-shifting master of muted tones and popping contrast, this dynamic film is super versatile with an extended 100–400 ISO range, so you can explore those bright lights and saturated shadows. Go deep and dark in the shade, then desaturated and dreamlike in the sunshine.

LomoChrome Purple Pétillant 2021 Formula
A true color contortionist, this film delicately balances a fusion of special color compounds with the finest photon-reactive silver halide crystals to yield tones that flourish and fade. Watch it render your world into a blend of exquisite earthy reds, crisp plums, and velvety violet hues. The 2021 formula of our LomoChrome Purple film is a little pétillant on the nose; you may see some tiny black dots appear in the lighter parts of your photo.

LomoChrome Turquoise 2021 Formula
The craziest member of the color-shifting family, this turquoise treasure will take you on a trip to the magical forest of mushroom houses where everything is blue or aqua, maybe cobalt, emerald, or cyan. You might even get a glimpse of gold.

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