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Kodak Gold 200 | 120 Film | Single Roll

Kodak Gold 200 | 120 Film | Single Roll

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Gold 200 is a Top Selling Film in Ireland!

Kodak Gold 200 film is a fan favourite among film photographers, offering a versatile combination of vibrant colours, fine grain, and wide exposure latitude. With an ISO of 200, this film is perfect for capturing stunning details and lifelike colours in a variety of lighting conditions.

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Kodak Gold 200's Key Benefits

  • Kodak Gold 200 has fine grain structure for incredible detail and sharpness, ideal for capturing landscapes, nature, and holiday photography
  • High sharpness to ensure every detail is captured with precision, providing crystal-clear images
  • High colour saturation and accuracy for stunning, lifelike colours that bring your images to life with vivid hues and tones
  • Wide exposure latitude for exceptional performance in bright environments, producing amazing results in a variety of lighting conditions

1 x Medium Format 120 Film Roll Per Purchase

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